Theme: Building a Digital Enterprise in India

Given the Indian government’s focus on creating a ‘Digital India,’ more and more companies are now investing in Digitisation. A recent survey by PwC, shows India (27%) is slightly behind the global average (33%) and Asia-Pacific (36%) in terms of the level of digitisation. However, it also underscores that digital is now a priority for most CEOs in India.

In this session we will discuss the importance of a Digital enterprise and the strategies that companies can use to build a digital enterprise. Some of the points to be discussed can be:

  • How digital enterprise can drive innovation and help companies reach out to more customers especially in untapped markets.
  • The importance of a clear digital vision/strategy for operations from the leadership of the companies and the need to foster a strong digital culture.
  • The CIOs shifting role in building a digital enterprise.
  • Process automation to get an edge over competition.
  • The role of IT companies to provide solutions and services for cost effective digitisation.

Discuss the different facets of Digital Enterprise Transformation such as Cloud, Mobile, Data, Social & Analytics